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Developing Mobile Application will not only help you streamline your business operations and add value to the growing demands f the market but also help you harness Big Data. We offer you our decade-long expertise in mobile app development to help you grow and succeed.

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Professional Mobile Application Development Proven to Grow Your Sales & ROI

Enterprise App Development


The increasing demand for remote workforce management has led enterprises to look for workflow transfer to a mobile platform for the ease of accessibility as well as the technical efficiency it offers. Be it an enterprise app suite or a single application, your company’s overall as well as individual employee’s productivity will skyrocket, allowing you to approach fundamental processes more efficiently, with more affordability. With the help of technologies like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, WireBrains can help your company can succeed in enterprise management.

pre made mobile modules


Our mobile application development team employs ready-made app development modules. Chatbots, beacon-based navigation, Augmented reality, data analytics, and more — you can decide to add the features that are important to your company’s requirements and we then customize it to streamline with your brand’s identity to give your application that remarkable and unique touch. This ensures quick app development without any compromise in quality. With our pre-made modules, you get everything made from custom mobile app development.

industry specific mobile apps


Each industry has a specific audience and the mobile app functionality is greatly dependent on the user’s demography and psychography. Having worked with a variety of industries, WireBrains offers industry insights along with a complete understanding of your requirements for the app development. From the technology that is being implemented, be it augmented reality or block-chain technology, WireBrains helps you cater to your audiences with the correct representation of your brand identity and technologically sound back-end.


WireBrains’s website development services and mobile application development services always keep evolving with emerging technologies to consistently deliver modern-age solutions. The latest technology offers great services, like the highest level of security with blockchain as well as reliable automation with Artificial Intelligence based algorithms such as machine learning.

Block-chain Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Internet of Things

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Mobile Applications for both

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Compatible mobile app development


Compatible mobile app development


Mobile app development

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Your idea initiates our mobile application development process. Our app development team listens to your concept intently, provides market/industry expertise, and finally develops a sturdy mobile application that reflects your brand identity and concept throughout.



Secondary to the deliberation on the idea behind the mobile app, comes the app development strategy. This takes into account setting milestones/deadlines and deciding on the technology stack to be used for application development.



Our excellent team posses a unique eye to see from a potential user’s perspective and design the applications to be user-friendly. Hence our application development or website design services are not just limited to UI/UX designs but take into account the user experience.



The development phase is where the actual coding begins. Our team utilizes the capabilities of the technology stack as discussed and decided in the initial phases to develop each element of the app concisely as per the client’s specifications.



Testing is a crucial process for the mobile app development process. Testing assesses the quality of the developed application and helps in rectifying unforeseen errors including responsiveness, element placement amongst others.



The iOS and Android apps are published in the App Store and Play Store, respectively. The initial days of the launch are critical as they can unveil some overlooked errors, many users also report these errors in the comments that need to be monitored regularly.

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