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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 during COVID-19

2020 is here! So is, April. 

Aren’t we all going through a phase where everything is on a halt? 

COVID-19 has stepped in. Who could have imagined that everything will go a roller coaster with a virus steeping in our lives?

In this article, we will not discuss Corona Virus instead we’ll discuss how we can utilize this time to generate leads for your business online. 

Read about the top digital marketing trends which are a way out of this pandemic to giving your business better online visibility.

We’ve already touched on the top 6 benefits of digital marketing and in this article, we’ll be sharing the top and upcoming trends of digital marketing in 2020, especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

Top digital marketing trends to watch in 2020

1. Customer Experience

2020 is the year of the customers. A massive shift will be likely seen with the overall change in the world’s economy. The priority is no longer to convince your customer but to make sure to provide the best customer experience so that your customer maintain the continuity. 

The growth of online content has given customers more power. You cannot fool your customer to be a passive party when it comes to gaining knowledge of the products. 

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Therefore, you need to aid them with complete information. In the circles of marketing, customer experience has already been the hottest buzzword. According to 73% of people, customer experience is the most vital part of your before and after-sale.

2. Engagement of the Employee’s

Great customer experience comes with friendly and efficient services. And, how do you ensure whether you are able to provide the same or not? 

A simple answer, your employees. 

According to recent and previous researches, 46% of the consumers abandon a brand if the employees are not presentable, knowledged and equipped with a bad attitude. 

Digital Marketing During COVID 19

You cannot expect your employees to perform well and grab sales from customers if they are not happy with what you’re doing at your workplace.

Hence if you want to improve your customer experience, you should be firm in keeping a good and healthy environment in the office. 

3. Visualization 

Smart speakers and voice search have exploded the internet. With this, you should become familiar that the definition of good content constitutes better images, infographics and readable content. 

Companies like Google, Pinterest and several other big companies are investing visual search technology. 

Remember, visuals are far easier to remember than written content. So if you want to make your content more engaging, aid with visuals like videos, colored infographics, relevant pictures and CTAs. 


You need to work upon these points while still facing the dangerous pandemic of COVID-19. 

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